Welcome to Dinners4KidsOC.org

Many local children go to bed hungry every night. Many don’t have access to nutritious meals, and they are malnourished.

Dinners4KidsOC.org is working to help prepare and deliver hot, delicious, and nutritious meals to children in need throughout our area.

More than 13 million children in the US go to bed hungry. With the impacts of COVID-19, that number is expected to increase greatly.

Dinners4KidsOC.org is working to help.

The Basics:

Area school nurses and school social workers identify at-risk children in our local area. Dinners4KidsOC.org, partnering with the Empire Diner in Monroe, provides these families with fresh, kid-approved, nutritious, delicious, and balanced dinners.

The Empire Diner packages the meals in microwave-safe containers that are easy for children to heat on their own. Volunteers deliver the dinners to each home, following safety and health protocols.

Want to Learn More?

Read more about who we are, what this project is about, and whom we serve. Also how YOU can help!

Being malnourished has long-reaching consequences.

• Inadequate nutrition results in children getting sick more often. They recover more slowly from illness. They have poorer overall health. They are hospitalized more frequently.

• Early childhood malnutrition also is tied to conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life. They are more likely to be iron deficient. Preadolescent boys dealing with hunger issues have lower bone density.

• Lack of adequate healthy food can impair a child’s ability to concentrate and perform well in school. This, in turn, is linked to behavioral and emotional problems from preschool through adolescence.

How You Can Help

Your monetary donations are essential to fund this program as we seek to expand into other areas of the County and to feed greater numbers of children.

We also offer Corporate Sponsorships.

Want more information?

Contact us for sponsorships, donations, volunteering, and inquiries of all types.  We are ALL in this together! Thank you!